RAZST-AVA-10 years

You are most welcome to visit the exhibition RAZST-AVA-10. at Palača Cukrarna, Ambrožev trg 3.
Exhibition will be on display until 21st September.
AVA – Academy of Visual Arts celebrates it’s 10th anniversary. Among the selected authors are: Vanja Erjavec, Ari Gabrijelčič, Olja Grubić, Evelina Herkules Hägglund, Ana Jagodič, Andrea Knezović, Zala Kobe, Gregor Maver, Nina Oblak, Oliver Pilić, Gregor Rozman, Luka Savić, Daniela Danica Tepeš v Sanja Vatić.
For this occasion exhibition was open by theater director David Gothard, an established founder of the well-known art center Riverside Studios in London. Gothard in his long career collaborated and was associated with Tadeusz Kantor, Samuel Beckett, Dario Fo, Sol LeWitt, Philip Glass and Lucinda Childs,…