assoc. prof. Željko Hrs

contextual studies:
history of theatre

Diploma AGRFT, member of the ensemble of the Slovene theatre ‘Mladinsko gledališče’ in Ljubljana since 1981. From 1992 to 1996 participation in the theatres Koreodrama, Stockholm’s Intercult, Cankarjev dom, Reon Bologne. As stage manager he cooperates with Mr.Matjaž Pograjc in the theaters Mladinsko gledališče, Lutkovno gledališče and Betontanc since 2000. He acted in films and television dramas. Since 2008 he is a tutor to the postgraduate students at the University Goldsmith in London. He lives and works in Ljubljana.

assoc. prof. Jasna Klančišar

creative practice:

Klančišar graduated from FAMU Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (2004). Klančišar works mainly with socially disadvantaged groups and minorities, while exploring the interplay between traditional methods and digital forms of photography. She is published in many Slovenian and international magazines such as: Fokus, Revolver, Časopis za kritiko in znanost, Adrenalin, Zbornik o lezbičnem gibanju, Fotografija, Revolver revue (Czech Republic), ReFoto (Srbija and Montenegro), Edit (Germany). Her projects have been represented in exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad.

Matija Jakin

cgi technician

assoc. prof. dr. Sebastjan Leban

contextual studies:
art history
radical critical analysis

Sebastjan Leban received his MA at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana and is currently a PhD candidate at the Institute of Philosophy at Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, where he is preparing his doctoral dissertation. His artistic practice involves the collaboration with Staš Kleindienst, the Trie group as well as the group Reartikulacija. He is one of the editors-in-chief and cofounders, and regularly contributors of the journal Reartikulacija. He has published in many Slovenian and international publications such as E-flux journal (USA), Identities: Journal for Politics, Gender and Culture (Macedonia), Imago (Slovachia), Zarez (Croatia), Malmo (Austria), etc. He has participated at symposiums, conferences and workshops including: Art and Sustainability (Hungary), Rearticulations of Scenarios of Environmental Catastrophes (Transmediale 09, Berlin), Politics of Contemporary Art (Kosovo), Principles and Methodologies of Auto-Education in Tanzquartir (Vienna), Trade Union Movement Opens Up New Views to the Contemporary Situation in Dom sindikatov (Ljubljana) and Art, Ideology and Politics in Moderna galerija (Ljubljana).

assoc. prof. dr. Gregor Kroupa

contextual studies:
history of philosophical ideas

He was born in Ljubljana but after 1986 he lived in Prague, where he finished the studies of philosophy (2004). Since 2004 he is finishing his postgraduate studies on Faculty of Philosophy of the University in Ljubljana. His PhD concerns the metaphors in the new age philosophy. His main activities are focused on the new attitudes towards the classical themes of the historic philosophical ideas. He published several articles in the field of metaphysics and epistemology of the 17th century and he prepared a new Slovene edition of Descartes’ Discussion about Method.

Veronika Potočnik


assoc. prof. Miran Mohar

creative practice
program leader:
fine arts - conceptualisation of space

Artist, graphic designer, scene-painter. He is a member of the Group Irwin (1983) and co-founder of the Neue Slowenische Kunst (1984), co-founder of the theater Gledališče sester Scipinon Nasice (1983–86 ), co-author and scene-painter of Krst pod Triglavom (1986) and co-founder of the design group Novi kolektivizem (1984). As member of Irwin, who bases on the principle collective work and retro avant-garde he is co-author of a series of paintings (installations) ‘Was ist Kunst’, ‘Retroavantgarda’ …– He was awarded with the national awards of ‘Prešernov sklad’ 1992 and the ‘Jakopičeva nagrada’ 2004. As representative of the Group Irwin he is a member of the non-governmental European Cultural Parliament (ECP).

assoc. prof. Andrej Savski

creative practice
objective drawing

Andrej Savski (1961, Ljubljana), works in the field of contemporary art, painting, design, web design, illustrations, occasionally as a translator and editor; He is co-founder and member of the Irwin Group (1983) and co-founder and member of the Neue Slowenische Kunst (1984). The basic concepts and methods of the Irwin Group work are a collective work and a retro principle (Was ist Kunst, Retroavantgarda, Icons, Retroprincip). Their projects are characterized by the relationship between art, politics and ideology. In the last decade, a number of conceptual projects have been developed, focusing on the East-West Dialogue and the issue of Eastern European Identity and Art History (Kapital, 1990; NSK Embassy Moscow, 1992; Transnacionala 1996, East Art Map, 2000-06; NSK Venice, 2017). In 2004 Irwin received the Jakopič Prize, and in 2005 the TREND Award for Visual Creativity. Their works are in the collections of the Moderna galerija Ljubljana, MOMA New York, MUMOK Vienna, Ludwig Museum Budapest, Ludwig Museum Aachen, Van Abbemusum Eindhoven, Ujazd Wars Castle, Fonds National des Arts Plastiques Paris etc.

assoc. prof. dr. Jovita Pristovšek

contextual studies and creative practice:
history and theory of contemporary arts
objective drawing

Jovita Pristovšek (1982, Celje) holds an MA in Fine Arts from The Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana, and a PhD in Philosophy from the Postgraduate School SRC SASA, Ljubljana, done under the mentorship of dr. Marina Gržinić Mauhler. During her doctoral studies she was a scholarship holder of “Innovative Scheme for co-financing of doctoral studies for promoting co-operation with the economy and solving contemporary social challenges – generation 2011”. She presented her theoretical work on the theme of race, racialization, aesthetics, public, and political at international colloquiums (Politics, aesthetics and democracy, Ljubljana, 2015; Sovereignty, migrants and culture, Ljubljana, 2016), in journals (such as: Reartikulacija, Ljubljana, 2010; Deartikulacija, Pančevo, 2012; ŠUM. Revija za kritiko sodobne umetnosti, Ljubljana, 2013, 2014, 2015; Praznine. Glasilo za arhitekturo, umetnost in bivanjsko kulturo, Ljubljana, 2015) and in scientific publications (such as: “Identities″, Journal for Politics, Gender and Culture, Vol. 10/No.1-2, Skopje, 2013; Politika, estetika in demokracija (ur. Marina Gržinić), Ljubljana/Novo Mesto: ZRC Publishing house, SRC SASA and Luminus, 2015; Utopia of Alliances, Conditions of Impossibilities And The Vocabulary of Decoloniality. Conflictual Histories in Hegemonic Spaces (ed. Editorial Group for Writing Insurgent Genealogies), Viena: Loecker Erhard Verlag, 2013; AM journal of Art and Media Studies, No. 14, (ed. Marina Gržinić, Aneta Stojnić and Miško Šuvaković), Belgrade: Faculty of Media and Communications, Singidunum University, 2017 (in print; publication date October 2017)).

assoc. prof. dr. Andrej Šprah

contextual studies:
film theory

Doctoral candidate of media studies at The ISH–Ljubljana Graduate School of the Humanities, Andrej Šprah has published widely about the relationship between fictional and documentary representation of reality and the cinematography of former Yugoslavia. His works include the book Documentary Film and Power (1998) on propaganda documentary and Liberating the Gaze (2005) on contemporary Slovenian cinema. Between 1997 and 2005 he was a member of the editorial board of Ekran, Magazine for Film and Television. He is the co-editor of KINO! Cinema Journal. His essays are frequently published in magazines Ekran, KINO!, Apokalipsa; occasionally he also participated in international projects like MoveEast, Balcanis, Carte di Cinema and Romboid.

assoc. prof. Pepi Peter Sekulich

creative practice
program leader:
conceptualisation of space - fine arts

Pepi Peter Sekulich is a founder and the initiator of the Institute A.V.A. – Academy for Visual Arts and it’s programme. He graduated in London / 1992 / – Wimbledon College of Art (University of the Arts London) As a Theatre designer- scenographer participated in more than 30 theatre and dance performances in several theaters and companies such as: SNG Drama Ljubljana, Theatre Mladinsko, PDG, Nova Gorica, Ljubljana City Theatre, Theatre Ptuj, Koper Theatre, Fundacao Serralves Porto, Le ballet Gent, En Knap …Production designer of 12 feature length films and numerous mid metrage and short films as: Outsider 1995, Stereotype 1996, Ita Rina, 1997, Web 1998, Ljubljana 1999, Head noise 2000, Guardian of the Frontier 2000, Desperado Tonic 2001, New World 2002, The Clairvoyant 2003, Reality 2006, State of Shock 2010 …He recieved Three Awards for best Production design. Directed the feature length documentary-drama: A Rehearsal for Death 2007 (National TV) Author of numerous Exhibitions and Artistic Actions. Tought Fine Art and Design for stage and screen at several HE and Art Institutions.

assoc. prof. Aleksandra Vajd

creative practice:
photography theory and practice

Aleksandra Vajd holds a BA and an MA in photography from FAMU in Prague as well as a degree from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Ljubljana, Slovenia. From 2004 to 2006, she received a Fulbright Scholarship to study photography at SUNY, New Paltz, NY. Her work has appeared in numerous exhibitions in Europe (Futura and Josef Sudek Atelier in Prague; Modern Gallery, City Museum and City Gallery in Ljubljana) and the United States (Bard College, Samuel Dorsky Museum in New Paltz; Czech Center in NYC; and Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago). She received numerous grants and awards, among them: the 2000 Golden Bird; the 2002 Vordemberge-Gildewart Swiss Foundation – Grant for the young talents; the 2005 Working Scholarship of the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia; the 2005 First Prize of the Frame005 Award, Brno, Czech Repubic; the 2006 Nomination for Deutsche Borse Photographic Award, London, Great Britain; and the 2006 Finalist of the OHO Group Award, Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is one of the founders of the association Format1 and a co-editor of the magazine Fotograf in Prague. She has taught at the Academy of Arts in Ljubljana and at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague where she teaches today.

Sanja Vatić

project and events production
coordinating manager for extra-curricular activities and contacts with external partners