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Visiting lecturer: Hana Ostan Ožbolt

Hana Ostan Ožbolt (Ljubljana, 1991) has been working in the field of contemporary art as a curator,
writer, and producer and is currently Director of the ULAY Foundation. She obtained her Bachelor
Degree in Comparative Literature and German Language, studied at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin,
completed the School for Curators and Critics of Contemporary Art (SCCA), World of Art (2014–16),
and graduated in Art History (MA) from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana in September 2019. For her
master’s thesis, Triennial of Contemporary (Slovene) Art – U3, she was nominated for the Prešern
Award of the University of Ljubljana and in December 2020, received the Nahtigal Award, the highest
award of the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. In recent years, Hana has worked in the field of contemporary
art (the private galleries and the NGO sector) in Ljubljana and Berlin, among others, for Aksioma–
Institute for Contemporary Art and Galerija Gregor Podnar. She was the initiator of HOoST (2017–
2019), a framework aimed at supporting and promoting emerging local artists while organizing their
exhibitions outside the institutional frame/white cube. In recent years, she was involved in various
exhibition making processes, among others she has curated or cocurated the following exhibitions:
Driton Selmani: Places We Leave Behind (House and Garden of the Slovenian Writers’ Association,
Ljubljana 2019); Double Wall of Silence (Daniel García Andújar, Louis-Cyprien Rials, Driton Selmani,
Ariel Schlesinger, Vangjush Vellahu, Škuc Gallery/Hestia Belgrade 2019/2020, together with Anja
Obradović); Home and Abroad (Ljubljana/online, 2020/2021, together with Roman Uranjek); Ulay:
From Berlin to Paris (Richard Saltoun Gallery, London, 2021); ULAY WAS HERE (Stedelijk Museum,
Amsterdam, 2020/2021, together with Hripsimé Visser and Rein Wolfs). In 2019/2020, together with
Dušan Smodej, she launched Academia Nuts, a unique educational programme in the field of
contemporary art for a group of selected students, co-organized by the ULAY Foundation and Fotopub,
which enrolled the second generation in 2021. Ostan Ožbolt regularly publishes texts and lectures on
contemporary visual art.